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Our website was launched in 2011 with the name of It was one of the first webpages in Romania with Hungarian job opportunities.

The project was renamed in November 2020. We also gave it a fresh design and a new image, with Hungarian and English language opportunities.

We aim to provide a platform where digital recruiting is easy and profitable for all companies, irrespective of their size.


How can we achieve this?


We are flexible. We know that every company has different needs, and we always keep that in mind. The content of our advertising packages has been created to fit the requirements of our clients, but we are also open to new solutions.


To notice and to be noticed easily. Our aim is to provide unique visual elements for every job opening to help its visibility on social media. In our market, we have been the first to start promoting job advertisements on Instagram to reach young generations more effectively.


We are aware of local habits. We try to reach potential employees where they spend most of their free time. We know, and we are able to reach local job-seeking groups and online communities and we invest plenty of our energy to be able to attract their attention.


We seek flexibility. Our website is advertised on many platforms and we put plenty of effort into social media display. As a result, the popularity of our site is gradually increasing.

With our services, you can manage your Romanian-Hungarian recruiting campaign.

We are a great team of high standards and with the openness to new solutions. We are here to help you from the very beginning, from planning the job ad to the processing of candidates' data so you can choose the proper applicants.

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